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What makes Wage Street Gaming different from Traditional e-sports platforms?

We at Wage Street Gaming believe that eSports is fastly becoming the biggest sporting industry. We believe opening that industry up to anyone/everyone, while removing the borders of traditional money systems means that we've created a platform that helps gamers turn their hobby into a career, no matter where you live!

We’ve designed an incredibly easy to use UI that makes creating matches, finding games, and setting up your profile a breeze! Our systems let you personalize your profile without any costs, and even lets you register as a free agent for future team scouting!

We at WSG know that it’s not just the big earner games that people want to play, and that’s why we’ve built our platform with the biggest games and console support of all eSports platforms! Compete for real money on any platform, whether that be PC, Xbox, Playstation or Nintendo Switch. You can even play mobile games like PUBG or COD Mobile!

We at WSG understand the struggles of eSports platforms. You don’t know who to challenge next, you don’t know how to create a match or what rules to follow. This is why we make it easy by providing everyone with a score and incentive to continue to work your way up the leaderboard, as the higher you move up, the more you make!

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